Statutes and Code of Ethics


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Code of Ethics

  • All members of the organization are committed to respect and actively promote the well being and freedom of each member regardless of their political beliefs, religion, social status, origin, education, and sexual orientation. Each member will be considered valuable on its own and free to pursue his or her own objectives.
  • We consider valuable the exchange of various opinions in the exercise of tolerance, mutual learning, and social benefit.
  • Members will not use the organization for personal benefit or that of other external organizations. In the case of affairs that might affect the private interest of members, those affairs must be made public.
  • All members promise to conduct themselves with cordiality and courtesy, and seek understanding and cooperation directly or through a third person in the event of personal disagreements.
  • As an extreme measure and after serious consideration, the members of the organization, trough a two-thirds majority vote, could expel another member who doesn't follow the previous ethics policy and/or endanger the existence and well being of the organization or its members.